eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece
eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece
eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece
eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece
eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece

eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece

The best-selling model of micro earpieces for tests.
Copy in the exams with total security. You can contact your assistant outside the test.
Listen to the sound in your ear wirelessly, without cables.
Complete test kit, compatible with any mobile phone or MP3.
With the eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece you can pass any test easily!

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eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece


It's very simple! Just connect the eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece to your cell phone or MP3, put the necklace on the neck, hide the microphone in a sleeve or the neck of the shirt and insert the earpiece in the ear.
When you have it installed you can call your assistant who will be out of class by telling you the answers to the test questions you hear from the earpiece placed in your ear. You can communicate with him thanks to the hidden micro. You can also play audio notes with recorded responses if you prefer.


· 1x eXamYo Classic Micro Earpiece
· 1x Inductor necklace
· 1x Adapter for mobiles and MP3
· 1x Microphone
· 1x Battery Button
· 1x Start Guide and Instructions for Use


1. Put the earpiece in the ear.
2. Put the necklace around your neck (below the clothes!).
3. Connect the necklace to your mobile or MP3.
4. Place the microphone inside a sleeve or collar flap.
5. Make a call and hear it through the earpiece and listen through the hidden microphone, or play audio notes and also hear the earpiece.


Do you see or hear the earpiece from the outside?

No, eXamYo´s Earpieces are completely invisible and impossible to hear from the outside.

Does it have good sound quality?

Yes, our earpieces use neodymium magnets that offer the best quality of the market in micro earpieces.

Is it compatible with my mobile?

Yes, it is compatible with any mobile phone or MP3.

Do you have any guarantees?

Of course, all our products have two years warranty.

Is shipping free?

Yes, shipping all our products is free to everyone, without minimum order!

What if I need it already?

We have 24 hour shipments worldwide, with deliveries even before 8.30am in the morning and orders are shipped on the same day, so you will always receive your order the next day. We are the fastest in shipping and service!

Can I receive the order outside my home?

Yes, if you do not want to receive the package at home you can send us a message after your order, informing it to be deposited in the carrier's office and picking it up.


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    La distancia es ilimitada, puede estar en cualquier lugar.
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