Button Cameras

The eXamYo Cam Camera Button is the perfect complement to use in your exams with your eXamYo Micro Earpiece.
It is the only micro camera in the world that allows you to broadcast video wirelessly in real time through WiFi, 3G or 4G. No cables, No SIM card, No extra costs. Compatible with any device: Computers (Windows, Mac), Mobiles and Tablets (Android, iOS) and at an unbeatable price!
Copying in exams has never been easier: with eXamYo Cam you can show images of your exam to your assistant, without having to dictate them, the ultimate chop!

The best camera for exams of the market.
Copy in the exams with total security, the smallest button camera.
Stream live video with the exam questions to your assistant without limit of distance.
The only 100% wireless micro camera.
Complete exam kit, compatible with computers, smartphones or tablets.
With the eXamYo Cam Button Camera you can pass any exam easily!

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